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English programs on agriculture


Countrywide ABCrural

Countrywide is a program of ABCrural of Australia. The editor is Edwina Farley, who joined IFAJ Japan Congress in 2007, and wrote a nice blog for the public station. She is really nice.
You can listen a program of the station on the accident of Fukushima nuclear station in 2011 here.


John Block from Washington

Mr. John Block is a former USDA secretary in the early 1980's. He still keeps talking about politics in DC through an agricultural radio network. I met him in 2019, and found he is a typical conservative politician believing free trade and God.


USDA Radio Newsline

USDA radio newsline is a daily program for farm radio stations all over the United States. It comes with daily reports and some Features. I visited the studio of the USDA in 1990's, and broke an expensive looking horn shape speaker accidentally. Sorry...


Chuck Zimmerman of Agwired

ZimmComm New Media has pioneered the new media specialty of “event blogging” – which includes multi-media coverage from workshops to a major conventions. The ZimmComm team covers nearly every major annual agricultural event held nationwide, from the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting in January to the American Seed Trade Association CSS convention in December – and everything in between..
Chuck is a weird peson, so it should be Agweird....
I was interviewed by him in 2007 in Tokyo. Here.


BBC Follow the Food

World thought leaders in agriculture and sustainability outline their solutions to bolster world food security, and Follow the Food’s presenters offer their own insights from the series.


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